Cell Therapies for Cancer Treatment

Beroni provides the latest and innovative cell therapies for cancer treatment through its Japanese entities, namely Beroni Japan, Dendrix Inc. and Youtokukai’s Ginza Medical Clinic.

Immunotherapy uses a patient’s own immune system to kill cancer cells, rather than directly attack cancer cells. This therapy has the advantage of being longer lasting with fewer side effects and is often combined with other cancer therapies. Cancer immune cell therapy is the latest and most advanced treatment with its basis on cell engineering and molecular immunology. Human blood contains many different types of immune cells all of which play different roles. Each cancer cell too, is as unique as human faces and for this reason, immune cell therapy offers personalized treatment suited for different individuals.

Types of Immune Cell Therapies Developed by Dendrix Inc

Cancer immune cell therapy is divided into two most distinctive types: activated autologous lymphocyte therapy (αβT- cell therapy = CD3-LAK therapy or NK cell therapy) and Dendritic cell vaccine therapy.

Activated Killer T cells and Dendritic Cells Therapy (AKT-DC) is a treatment that combines these two therapies. This ground-breaking therapy is empirically proven to be effective on prevention of cancer recurrences.

CAR-T treatment

Activated Autologous Lymphocyte Therapy

Activated Autologous Lymphocyte Therapy

Lymphocytes (a type of immune cells which inhibit cancer cells) from a patient’s blood are collected, activated and proliferated.

DC Vaccine Therapy (Th1 activation-type)

DC Vaccine Therapy (Th1 activation-type)

Dendritic cells (DCs) are a type of antigen-presenting cells that play an important role in adaptive immune system.

AKT-DC (Activated Killer T-cells and Dendritic Cells)

AKT-DC (Activated Killer T-cells and Dendritic Cells)

It induces CTL’s activation by culturing autologous draining lymph nodes from cancer tissue which is obtained during surgery.

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