PENAO is a novel, proprietary anti-cancer compound that contains an active arsenic molecule to disrupt a key molecule in cancer cell growth.

PENAO is a second-generation compound of GSAO. PENAO has been shown to accumulate in cells at a rate 85-fold faster than GSAO, which results in a 44-fold increased anti-proliferative activity and a ~20-fold increased anti-tumour efficacy in mice.

How does PENAO work?

PENAO combines well with marketed drugs

mTOR inhibitors (eg. everolimus)

The combination of PENAO and mTOR inhibitors is strongly synergistic, leading to effective deletion of mTOR protein in tumour cells, proliferation arrest, enhanced mitochondrial disruption and rapid induction of cell death – Tsoli et al, Oncotarget, 2018.

epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) inhibitors (eg. gefitinib)

Combining gefitinib and PENAO resulted in synergistic inhibition in both a time- and dose-dependent manner in 3 sarcoma cell lines with less prominent monotherapy effects – Wang et al, Oncotarget, 2020.