NicoBloc fluid is a smoking cessation / harm reduction product which stops tar and nicotine from reaching the smoker while the smoker continues to smoke normally. NicoBloc fluid (which was also previously called the “Accu Drop” and the“Rosen Fluid”) originated from a projected started by the late William Rosen in the US in the late 1980’s. In 1995 the product was trialled in the Irish corporate sector as the Rosen Program and the first UK program started in 1998. Tianjin Beroni undertook a volunteer experience program in 2015 in China involving approximately 2,000 volunteer paticipants of which 14.76% were female and 85.24% were male. The experience program was for a period of 4 weeks and the volunteers were asked to use the NicoBloc fluid as directed and give daily feedback to the company. The data was compiled at the end of the program and the result showed that 7.89% of the paticipants reduced their daily intake to zero whereas most of the volunteers reduced their intake amount by 40% to 60%. 93.43% of the volunteers reduced their daily intake by 30% to 100%.

How Does Nicobloc Work?

NicoBloc is a viscous fluid, which is applied to the filter immediately prior to smoking. It works by trapping the nicotine and tar in the filter of the cigarette as it is smoked.

One drop traps approximately 30%, two drops 60% and three drops approximately 90%. Using as directed, smokers are able to gradually wean themselves off nicotine addiction and reduce consumption until they are ready to stop smoking altogether without experiencing the severe withdrawal symptoms usually associated with stopping smoking.

Comparative advantage of Nicobloc

The market for smoking cessation products is relatively competitive. The main global competitors include: (i) Champix from Pfizer; (ii) Nicobate/Zeban from GlaxoSmithKline; (iii) Nicotinell from Novartis; (iv) Nicotette from Johnson & Johnson; and (v) Tabex from Sophama Pharmaceuticals.

NicoBloc fluid differentiates itself from its competitors because it uses an alternative method to the common cessation methods, called the Gradual Reduction Method (GRM). NicoBloc fluid is a form of liquid with all natural ingredients and works like a filter when applied to the cigarette butt which reduces smokers' intake of nicotine and tar.


Fogibloc forms an important part of Beroni’s “Lung Cleansing” range of products. Fogibloc aims to tackle the worsening of air quality in cities of China. Fogibloc features 5 layers of filtration net and negative ion air purifying system and is a pioneer in the air purifying system industry.

Air ion is charged by atom or group of atoms in the air. The positively charged ions are called positive ions and the negative charged ions are called anion. When neutral air molecules encounter some external forces (electric field, collisions, radiation, etc), the outer electron will get rid of the nucleus bound, then become a free electron. Free electronics will soon be attached to the gas molecules or atoms and particularly easy attached to the oxygen molecules or water molecules, and become negative air ions.

The main source of negative ions in nature in the air is due to cosmic rays, ultraviolet rays, radioactive elements in rock and soil release ray excitation, and the role of lightning excitation and storms, waterfalls impact and friction. In addition, rain, forest, manufacturing plat photosynthesis will produce fresh air that contains negative ions. Air negative ions under the artificial conditions possesses some defects, which, when generating ions, a lot of ozone will be produced. Waterways to produce negative air ion has the advantage that does not produce harmful gases, but the structure of device is more complex, and comes at a high cost.

At the beginning of 2015, Beroni invested heavily in the research and development of this product and has achieved a number of technical innovation and breakthrough in this field.

Fogibloc is a leading product in the China air purifier market. A total of 27 invention patents and utility model patents have been approved or are in the approval process. Fogibloc is developed by the Company and is in production. The products are manufactured by Guangzhou Zanfeng Environmental Protection Equipment Industrial Co., Ltd (广州赞锋环保设备实业有限公司).

Lung Cleansing Health Supplements

Bei Feiqing (倍菲清) and Bei Jingli (倍精力) are nutrient supplement tablets with lung detoxication benefits. Bei Feiqing’s formula uses liquorice, the root of balloon flower and tremella as its main ingredients which are developed through the high-end purification technology developed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It prevents infection of the respiratory system, reduces the symptoms of coughing and breathing difficulties and repairs the damaged cells of the respiratory system.

Bei Feiqing is an auxiliary product of NicoBloc fluid and assists smokers to cleanse their lungs and enhance lung functions after they stop smoking.

Cosmetics Products

V Show Rejuvenation Liquid

V Show Rejuvenation Liquid

V Show Rejuvenation Liquid can increase the elasticity of the skin, diminish any fine lines, maintain skin, make your skin fine, smooth and glowing.

Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Silk Mask

Contain hyaluronic acid and essence extracting from Aloe vera L. Aloe barbadensis miller to supply moisture for skin and make the skin appear firm and endowed with flexibility. The silk milk would firmly lock moisture to keep the skin moisturizing permanently. It is natural, non-stimulative, non-adhesive and non-fragrance.

Avocado Poly-peptide Intensive Treatment Silk Mask

Avocado Poly-peptide Intensive Treatment Silk Mask has the efficacy of hydratante apaisante, moisturizing, caring for the skin, making skin smooth and tender.

Other Products

Fogibloc Fruit and Vegetable Detoxification Machine

Fogibloc Fruit and Vegetable Detoxification Machine adopts double sterilizing technology of Oxygen+plasma. Its removal rate of dichlorvos is 97.8%, the dimethoate residue removal rate is 95.6%, the killing rate of E. coli is 99%, and the killing rate of Staphylococcus aureus is 99%.

Multifunctional Dust Mite Controller

Multifunctional Dust Mite Controller is researched and developed by German research team for 6 years. It has become the benchmark for sterilization with the advanced technology.

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