You are currently viewing Beroni Pharmaceutical has received approval from the Environmental Impact Report Form of the Zhuhai Ecological Environment Bureau

Beroni Pharmaceutical has received approval from the Environmental Impact Report Form of the Zhuhai Ecological Environment Bureau

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The “Environmental Impact Report for the Anti-cancer Drug PENAO Project and Cell R&D and Transformation Project” (hereinafter referred to as the “Project”) submitted by the subsidiary of Beroni Group, Beroni Pharmaceutical (Guangdong) Co., LTD., has recently been approved, which validates the conclusion of the project’s feasibility. This project has been supported by the local government of Zhuhai City, and significant progress has been made in the preliminary work of the project, laying an important foundation for early construction.

Announcement of approval results
Approval notification

This project is located in the Science and Technology Innovation Beiwei of Zhuhai High-tech Zone in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, adjacent to Manufacturing Center and University Center. The orientation of the project location is science and technology innovation manufacturing to develop new generation information technology, intelligent equipment, and biopharmaceuticals. This project mainly includes new anti-cancer drugs and the research and application of cells.

The approval notification indicates that the Zhuhai Ecological Environment Bureau agrees in principle with the evaluation conclusion of the report form applied for in this project. This project will comprehensively implement the pollution prevention and control, ecological protection and environmental risk prevention measures proposed in the report form, and ensure the stable and standard discharge of various pollutants to protect the environment.

The project was evaluated to the following conclusions: This project is newly built, which conforms to relevant national and local industrial policies. Its site selection is coordinated with regional planning and environmental functional zoning. From the perspective of environmental protection, the project is feasible when the construction unit comprehensively strengthens supervision and management, implements the “three simultaneous” system for environmental protection, and implements the environmental protection measures proposed in this report.

During the construction and operation of this project, we will fully implement the various pollution prevention and environmental risk prevention measures to ensure stable and discharge of pollutants in compliance with quantity management requirements. After completion, the project will be accepted according to regulations and officially put into use.

The local government’s support for this project is a significant boost to Beroni’s focus on research related to anti-cancer drugs. The smooth progress of this project marks a milestone in the Group’s R&D and clinical trials of new drugs and transformation of cell therapy in the Greater China region. This project is highly in line with the development requirements and policies of the biopharmaceutical industry in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and also reflects China’s attention and support for the research of global pioneering anti-cancer drugs.

The biomedical technology and industry show a trend of accelerated development, and countries and emerging economies worldwide are developing biomedical industry, making it as an important field to gain competitive advantages in the technology and economy. Beroni Group seizes the development opportunities of the health care industry, and continues to research and develop cutting-edge products and treatment technologies. We have sufficient confidence and scientific research capability to achieve the commercialization of more projects that are beneficial to human life and health.

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